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Sep 23, 2010
Dear all,

Like many, I use keyboard shortcuts extensively. Some are application specific, some are system shortcuts. I am finding that Windows 8 shortcuts are overriding shortcuts I use in some applications, and I would like to be able to delete or reassign the system shortcut so I can use it in an application. However, while there is a myriad of posts on different people's ideas of "essential" keyboard shortcuts, I can find no information on how to change shortcuts. Is it possible, and if so, does anybody know how?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kevin,

I find this issue also depending on the shortcut and application used. I usually get round it by changing the application shortcut to something else that doesn't clash with Windows. I guess you could try using 'Sticky Keys' and see if that will work for you?

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Thanks for your response kemical. I could also use AutoHotKeys for example, but my question really is about finding out what shortcuts exist and changing or deleting them. I am coming to the conclusion that this is not possible, which seems quite bizarre to me. For example, the Beats Audio shortcut has clearly been created as a system-wide shortcut. I don't want it at all, let alone system wide. I do want the software though, so there should be a way to get rid of the shortcut. The software itself does not provide this possibility. Guess I will have to live with it for now.
That program looked really promising, but when I installed it it only showed me 8 keyboard shortcuts on the system. If it did what it promised, it would be exactly what I was looking for, but as it stands, it isn't. If I get more time, I might see what happens if I try to use it to add a shortcut that already exists. It might tell me it already exists, or it might overwrite it. If the latter, I could overwrite the existing one I don't want and then delete the new one, which might achieve what I want. I will post back when I get a chance to test that out.
Thanks for the feedback. It did look promising and I didn't try it myself so sorry it didn't work out.
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