Deleting Win 7 but keeping other programs

I was using Win7 on an HD with all the programs like Excel. Recently, I installed Win 8.1 on a new SSD and disconnected the HD with Win7 on it. Can I, and if yes, how do I uninstall Win7 from the HD without affecting other program on the disk which I would like to use with Win8.1?

There's no way to "uninstall" an OS from a HDD. The only way to remove a OS that I know of is to format the HDD which wipes the drive clean.

You could create a system image of just the data you want and save it to some other source, say and external storage drive, then format the HDD.


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As bassfisher says you can only move user data files to another system. When you install programs the install process make registry entries and many other system changes which are "tied" to the operating system under which you installed them. If you want those programs to run under Windows 8.1 then they must be re-installed under Windows 8.1.


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I agree with the 2 guys above. And you don't wanna get rid of Win 7. It's too golden the get rid of. I have 2 Win 8.1 machines and 1 Win 7.... Win 7 is my main machine.

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