Windows 10 Dell 3565 Windows 10 stuck on v1909


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Dec 9, 2020
Lake Placid,FL
My wife's Dell Inspiron 15 3565 is stuck with v1909 and no matter what I do, other than reset and upgrade via ISO, will never update to v2004 and beyond. I wish the 22H2 would go on, but she gave up trying and will not let me do it. Has anyone here conquered this problem?
You can do an in place upgrade with the ISO. If it's trying to upgrade and fails you'd have to examine the log for the reason.
I have done such in the past, but have either messed up or was impatient so something went wrong. Then again, it worked once. :D
Well, I did it. Downloaded the most recent 22H2 Windows 10 to a USB stick and updated her PC to 22H2, with all her old files intact. Miracles will never cease!!! I tried to revive her Windows Live Mail 2012, but things are not right, so she is learning Thunderbird. Will look into it later when she gives up on the old stuff.
At least you went with Thunderbird. The built in Windows Mail app is hot garbage.
At least you went with Thunderbird. The built in Windows Mail app is hot garbage.
I have been using Thunderbird for some time since a past W-10 update a few years ago Windows Live Mail stopped working. My wife's PC had a problem and would not update past v1909 and she didn't want me to fix it, so she used WLM. I stopped arguing with her 57 years ago. :) But! In the still of the night, I upgraded her PC to 22H2 and took off WLM. She now likes Thunderbird.
I must say the wife's Dell laptop is running quite well now with 22H2 Win-10, and she did not lose a single file in the process. I have CPU's not worthy of MS's upgrade.would like to install Win-11 but both of our 3 and 4-year old Dells. I see where some posters on the net have work-arounds, so will investigate that later after then next tropical storm visits.
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