Dell Drivers for Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by snowjobafa, Aug 11, 2009.

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    This is for anyone that cant find the right driver for there Dell laptop or desktop, go to dells website and you will find them if it says it has XP only, the XP drivers will work, I am a Dell Tech and I this part you will say know it cant happen, I installed 7 XP drivers in a inspiron 6000 it is my test laptop, they did not work 3 times i installed them and I just thought I would not get Windows 7 to work, then I said to hell with it i restarted my laptop for the last time and then I installed all the drivers and restarted, then everything worked I dont know why it worked this time but if you keep trying it, it should just work if you fight with it, it will fight back with you but if you do it with no care it will work, and it was not god or luck or the force just remember dont give up on your PC it will work with you think of it as your girlfriend it you fight with it, it will not work if you care about it, it will love you........
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    Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums :)

    I wouldn't bother "fighting" with it when you can just use the most recent Windows Vista drivers OR just wait for the developers/manufacturers to get the Windows 7 drivers out.. ;) Using Windows XP drivers is just asking for compatibility problems in my opinion... ;) Now that Windows 7 is at the RTM stage, Win 7 specific drivers will start pouring out..

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