Dell XPS L501X Freezes if plugged into power source

I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have a Dell XPS L501X laptop that freezes on start up if plugged in but NOT when running on the battery.

My husband ran a bunch of tests, discovered hard drive was failing. Bought a new SATA solid state hard drive and bought a new windows 7 install and started fresh. Installed all the updated drivers and made sure nothing was added to the machine besides windows 7. Ran tests again...everythign comes back perfect.

Still freezes if plugged in. The screen doesn't go black or just hear a fan turning on really loud and the screen freezes including the mouse. (No, it's not can be off and unplugged for hours..cold as a dead horse and still freezes).

Thought it was the power source....bought NEW power cord/Brick..still freezes if plugged in when turning it on.

If I turn it on running battery it starts just fine. If I plug it in after it boots up it will freeze in about 2 minutes...every time.

Disabled Processors..problem remained..
Changed battery settings..problem remained...
Disabled Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery..problem remained..
Ready to scream..problem remainS.....

Anyone have other suggestions? Hubby is a computer tech but he's stumped as well.


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Hi and welcome to the forum :up:

What make/model is that new SSD drive?

And did you check your RAM with MEMTEST? as here: Memory Diagnostics

I've seen this problem on several brands of laptops including Dells. If one of your RAM sticks is faulty it could cause the problem. Your Win7 laptop is 6 years old, and the hardware is aging. You've already replaced a failed HDD and the AC adapter. :andwhat: You should also replace the battery with a new one. The battery can also cause this problem. Laptop factory batteries last only 2 years, and if you've never replaced that battery since you owned the laptop; you should do so now.

If you replace both the AC adapter and the battery and any faulty RAM sticks detected, you'll be left with a conclusion of a faulty Motherboard.:waah: Usually that's the charging circuit, which is not repairable. New Mobo for your Dell will probably run between $275-$600 US or more, if you can find one on ebay or amazon. Might be cheaper to just buy a new laptop. Brand new Dell's start at $229.;)

You've done some good troubleshooting so far. :)

Let us know how it turns out.


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