Desktop Background will not display

I changed my settings somehow when I first purchased my new laptop, which is running Windows 7.

I wanted to turn off my desktop background and succeeded. Unfortunately, I can't get any backgrounds to display now. I have tried going into control panel and changing the background there and the icon in "personalization" changes and shows the thumbnail of the image I am trying to set as my background. However, my desktop remains black.

Please advise as I have tried everything I know how to do.



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Any idea what settings you changed specifically?

You could try to use System Restore before you made the changes. More information will be needed to find a solution to your problem.

What type of system are you using and what exactly were these changes?

Any idea what settings you changed specifically?
I do not know exactly. It was three months ago and I was trying to figure out, without just looking up a guide, how to disable Aero so that I could use another application-which uses the windows title bar to display data. It wouldn't display the data while using Aero, so I needed to disable that feature temporarily. I found a checklist of some kind that allows you to deselect features and I am about 80% certain that is where I disabled my background.
I can't find out what I did or how I disabled it even.

What type of system are you using and what exactly were these changes?

I hope this helps!!

I am at a total loss here, as to what to do to fix this.

I figured out how to turn on/off Aero, but the solution to the background not changing is beyond me. I have tried using the personalization settings and it just won't change the desktop background from anything other than a black background. Other desktop items still display fine. I hope this very little and uninformative tidbit helps you troubleshoot this for me.

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Mike said:
Any idea what settings you changed specifically?
This may give us a more clear picture. Does the background change if you right-click an image (e.g. such as jpg .bmp) > Set as desktop background ?

1. If your copy of windows is not genuine/activated, it'll switch to a solid black background on startup and every hour.

2. Video card driver can sometimes cause solid black background, you may want to try a different driver version.

3. Get system updates,

4. Control Panel > User Accounts -> create and log in to a new account.

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