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A friend (within the last month) purchased an ASUS and up until about a week ago had no issues. Now the computer is pretty much unusable for anything she needs it for. It is running windows 8.1. On startup everything appears fine. After going to the desktop and allowing the computer to finish loading, if you click on anything on the screen it starts to blink like crazy and we are unable to open the app menu or any programs by double clicking them. However, if we right-click and select open from the menu we are then able to open a program from the desktop. If Windows Explorer is opened and we try to access any files or programs the same blinking then happens in that window and it refreshes but takes ages to load. When attempting to use an internet browser (used both IE and Chrome) it will load the homepage but will not allow us to type in a URL we would like to go to and as soon as we try begins to refresh very fast over and over.

I have run Kaspersky, Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D scans, updated the drivers, updated windows, reset the computer, had it in to Future Shop for them to luck.


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Is this a laptop, or a desktop computer?

If the computer is only a month old I'd look at the possibility of getting it replaced by the place you bought it from, under the warrantee.

If you bought it from Future Shop and they can't fix it they should stand behind it.

I'm assuming that when you said reset it, to mean you returned it to factory state.
If you didn't do that, then I'd try restoring it from the recovery partition.

If you can do this and it still doesn't work, then I'd think there may be something is physically wrong with the computer, i.e. faulty ram, bad power supply, it's very hard to guess what it could be unless you have the tools to check all the hardware.


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