Did any one try snagit software?


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Used it for years before the snipping tool made its appearance. The snipping tool provides all I need now for basic capture but Snagit always did have significantly more advanced features if you need them and I always found it reliable.


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Hi guys I need some advice for the snagit software. Has any one tried it.

Just to throw a monkey wrench to the topic................
Have a look at a Free screen-capture program called Picpick. It is dubbed as " poorman's SnagIt ".
I have both SnagIt 9 ( older version ) and Picpick. Found myself using Picpick almost exclusively. It is very easy to use and it has most of the "important" features that SnagIt has. I am not screen-capture fanatics, it has what I need.
Perhaps, more advanced screen-capture users will prefer SnagIt.
Picpick has a free Personal use version and a paid Commercial use version. I have the free version.
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yup, I had tried that before, truth be told, it's quite expensive. Lucky me, I find some free Snagit alternatives, and they can also be used to take screenshots, make edits or even make screen recordings. Anyway, you can compare those alternatives and find the one you prefer.