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A bit odd but the install created with MCT is under 4gb and it fits on a 4gb stick fine. As for the SanDisk bug we know about. It's news to me as I'm exclusively using their drives and installs work fine. Do you have an article about that bug?
>>>Hi nmsuk; I did quite a bit of fooling around with creating W10 bootable usb sticks the last couple of years including the Tech Preview builds back to Sep. 2014. I know some of the guys here got theirs to work on an 8GB stick; but as I said, I was unable to do so and I used the latest MCT links posted by kemical *I usually try his as they are very reliable*. Have done this on multiple W10 machines; I have 5 of them now. It's possible that there is a newer version AU on the MCT site (Microsoft)?; I haven't tried it since last month; perhaps they've compressed the files more or something. I shall look at it again. The 9.3GB I found experientially on the pre-AU builds (v1511 b10586.x). I made one stick with the AU build, and I tried to fit onto an 8GB stick; no luck.:waah:
I'll look for the bug article, one of the guys that used to be here gave it to me; hopefully, I saved it on one of my machines. I'll gladly post it it back here to this thread if I find it. I was completely stunned by that; as it caused me many months of frustration as I always tended to use SanDisk and spent the extra money whenever creating bootable OS usb sticks; as I carry several on my keychain to customer sites and use them onsite for repairs frequently; so the extra money for them is not an issue. Plus SanDisk created usb stick technology; they are the premier vendor in that space. Again, I was puzzled and shocked! :shocked: But pleased to find a workaround. Also, it's interesting to note that when I use non-MS stick burning apps such as Rufus & WiNToBootIC, I've been able to create bootable W10 sticks on SanDisk sticks; just not with the MS MCT tool.:up: :D
Thanks for pointing that out. I will check in later this month and try to get back about the size of the newest MCT tool stick size. I'd love to be able to get them on 4GB sticks; those are dirt cheap! :teeth:<<<

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