Disk check is recommended but doesn't work Windows 7

On start-up, my computer says that one of your disks needs to be checked for consitency.
But when it tries to 'check disk' it says it can't because of error:xxxxxxxxx (was too quick to catch the numbers).

So I tried to check disk through control panel and it says that it can't because disk is being used. So its a vicious circle that I can't seem to get out of. Any help would be appreciated...

Computer works fine though, strange!

run chkdsk from an elevated command prompt

Elevated command? Sounds good, but how do I that? Sorry..

find the command prompt in your start menu and right click on it, choose run as administrator. Sorry Im on my Macbook right now, so I dont have very clear instructions, but I believe you will find the command prompt under start -> all programs -> accessories.


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See here different methods of ChkDsk:
Check Disk - chkdsk - Vista Forums

You should do this ASAP!!! Your disk probably has bad sectors and can shut down and never work again for good any day now.

If ChkDsk doesn't help, you will need to fix this.
Best way is to backup your data and do a low level format.
Repairing Bad Sector on Hardisk Using HDD Low Level Format tool | Tricks-Collections.Com

If you have problems copying all you data to another drive (if data is written on bad sectors) then post about it and we will go about it another way. (sector repair without formatting). But this is more complicated so do the backup and formatting first.

Ok. Thanks for all the replies.

I will try them tonight.

Ran checkdisk through the command prompt and it worked fine and found no bad sectors.

BUT, my computer still tries to do a checkdisk at startup but fails because of an error and says something about recently installed software has caused an error??!

Is it worth disabling the checkdisk at startup somehow? Or is there a deeper problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Maybe it's just like it said - a bad program installation. What did you recently install?

Things to try:
As the computer is booting, tap the "F8 key" continuously until you get the startup menu. Choose to boot from last good configuration.

Try to do a system restore to as far back as you can. Restart and see if it does the dskchk successfully.

Tried restoring through control panel but it says it can't restore, because Windows must be checked for errors first.

As regards to installing software, then nothing really. I had this problem in the past and I re-installed Windows 7 and it got rid of the problem for about a month, but has come back.

I'll try restoring by pressing F8.

Tried pressing F8 in startup and it asks me what device to boot from, DVD or HDD...??

Tried restoring to last month (latest restore point possible) but same problem.

I'll try the holding F8 thing.

Thanks for help.


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Run CHKDSK from the recovery console. More specifically I'd boot into the recovery console, which should be an option if booting from your Windows CD or perhaps from the manufacturer's recovery CDs. From there I'd run CHKDSK /R. "/R" instructs CHKDSK to attempt to locate any problems on the hard disk surface and repair or recover them. If this completes (and it may not, since it's very similar to the CHKDSK you're seeing on boot), I'd then check to see if the problems had been resolved.

Do you have Kaspersky or comodo installed? If so, I may have a solution.

From someone else's post:
I inserted the Windows 7 Pro DVD and restarted the machine, it booted off the DVD and gave me two options, I selected number 1 which I think said "System start up repair (recommended)"
It then automatically run a series of tests, starting with fixing volume errors, it finished and asked me to reboot, I took the DVD out, rebooted into windows, opened a command prompt and run "chkdsk" which now ran the entire way to 100% with no errors found.

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Tried the F8 thing but didn't change anything I'll try using the recovery console from my installation disc I presume.

No I don't have kaspersky installed. Should I?

Sorted it. Thanks a lot for your help and advice.

I tried using the Windows 7 installation disc and chose startup check from menu like you told me in previous post and it seems to of worked!


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I always like hearing when things finally work! Keep up the good stuff!

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