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Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
The Display-drivers uninstaller is exactly what it say's it is. Using this handy app you can remove all previous versions of your display driver whether it be AMD or Nvidia:

What it does is removing the Display driver from device manager and removing the current and all precedent driver from the Windows Driver store along with removing services from NVIDIA/AMD.

The current effect after you use this tool will be similar as if Windows was in a "Fresh Install" state.

This tool act similar to what Driver sweeper do + the extra mentioned above.

If you have problem installing older driver or newer one, give it a try as there are some reports that it fix those problems.


-The tool can be used in Normal mode but for abolute stability when using DDU, Safemode is always the best.
Windows XP up to 8.1 is supported X86/X64 (not sure for WinXP x64)

Download latest Version 9.4

Added extra potection to DDU to prevent the removal of the "programfiles ..." folders (could happen on very rare)

Added a warning message if the user is not in safemode

Added Russian language + updated some languages.


Display Driver Uninstaller Download version 9.7.1

  • Now supporting .NET 2.0 (Fixed crash for user who do not have .NET 3.5)
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop with the driver store Cleanup
  • Updated Portuguese language.
  • updated the NVIDIA clsidleftover and driverfiles .cfgs
  • clean the firewall entrys and power settings (nvidia)
  • fixed the win32 error message for ddudr on winxp32

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
Download latest version 9.8.1 (11-29-2013) V2 (re-released)

-Fixed crashes encountered by some users who are not using a base Windows localized in English when cleaning some registry keys that required special permissions.

-Cleaning of the LEGACY_AMDKMDAG registry key leftovers for win 7 and -

-Remove the AMD service AODservice

-French language Update

-Updated nvidia driverfiles.cfg

-DDU is now safe to use even with the "Real" Administrator account.

-Fixed a possible DDU crash for AMD users.

Download latest version 10.1(01-07-2014)

-Changed the way GPU and driver version are detected and shown in the log to avoid some bug reported by users.

-Fixed a possible DDU crash when doing the Driver store cleanUP.

-Cleanup of display cpl from the pnpressource section. win8+

-Added cleanup of the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video section for NVIDIA.

-Quick workaround to correctly clean the driver entry of program and features of Dutch systems.

-Updated ddudr

-Russian Translation updated (Thanks to homocomputeris)

-Fixed aboutbox autoresize

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
Download latest version 10.2(01-15-2014)


-Changed how stuff get deleted on disk and some region of the registry.(Nvidia only)

-Fixed an issue that prevented cleaning various stuff in the registry.(AMD and NVIDIA)

-Russian Translation updated (Thanks to homocomputeris)

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
Download latest version 11.2(01-29-2014)


-DDU now have a new installer and icon. (the installer also have offers, nothing is installed without users approval.)

-Party rewrite of the Installer/Product, updagradecodes, features, components on the different registry regions. (Nvidia / AMD)

-Now when DDU restart into safemode, it is now using Safemode with Networking

-CleanUP of Some shellEx extension leftovers.
Display Driver Uninstaller 12.2 (beta) (02-09-2014)


-Do not remove the amdkmpfd (amd PCI bus lower filter) it can cause trouble...

-Amd cleanup order reorganisation (Nvidia will follow later.)

-Some amd cleanup addition to remove some leftover for some users.

Display Driver Uninstaller 12.4 (03-01-2014)

DDU should be considered as beta software.


-Fixed a bug introduced recently that could have prevented the cleanUP of the pnplockdownfiles section. (Nvidia only)

-made a packages.cfg file to give further DDU CleanUp power to the users.

-Spanish language update from Jackalito ! Thanks.

Display Driver Uninstaller 12.6.0 (03-17-2014)

DDU should be considered a beta.

-Fixed a possible registry clean-up problem that could happen on some circumstances (I highly recommend users to update DDU to this version)
-Updated Interface reg clean-up.
-Add Korean language . Contributor: 4Li

Download page:

Display Driver Uninstaller
-Added the "c:\windows\installer" cleanUP. (only for the currently installed gpu)
-Small additional cleanUP for AMD/nVidia and less hard-coded cleanUP for them(configurable with .cfgs).
-Update to the nVidia Optimus cleanUP (service removal of nvkflt.sys)+ some more log/msgbox
-Translation Update, Korean (Thanks to 4Li)
-(V13.0.0.3) Fixed "detoured.dll" error for some users.
-(V13.0.0.3) Translation Update, Russian (Thanks to Dave Snake)

ref and download:
Display Driver Uninstaller (12-09-2014)
-Support AMD 14.12 OMEGA.
-Activated Windows 10 Kernel 10 (Build 988x+).
-Fix some possibles DDU freeze when cleaning.
-Japanese language update. (DH.Omega)
Update V13.5.4.1 (re-uploaded)
-Fixed an event log error caused by "paexec"
-DDU can now run if .NET 4.0 is installed alone (mostly seen on Win XP)
-Various installer\folders registry enhancements.
Display Driver Uninstaller is a driver removal utility that can help you completely uninstall AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind (including registry keys, folders and files, driver store).

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
Current Version

-Requirements: .NetFramework 2.0 +
-Supports Windows XP up to Windows 10 TP
-32/64bit support
-(AMD / nVidia / Intel / Surface Pro 3)
Display driver un-installer now updated..
Version Released

-Added a checkbox in the option window for booting directly into safemode from
windows 8+
-Minor changes on the GPU removal procedure to fix an issue when cleaning in
normal mode when SLI is enabled.
-Minor nVidia cleanUP addition
-Esc key can now be use to close the options form.
-Japanese Language update.
-New Language : Bulgarian (Thanks : Ventsislav "Night_Raven" Dimitrov)
-Added a message when a windows 8 user answer "yes" to reboot into safe Mode when direct Safe Mode is not ticked in the options.

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Driver uninstaller recently updated:
Version Released

-Added command lines arguments (thanks for the suggestion and testing FunkyMike)
(see readme.txt for the details)
-nVidia addiditional CleanUP
-Removed the bootmenu for win8+ (Users were confused by it)
-Japanese and Serbian Language update. DH.Omega & CrazY_Milojko
-Added a system tray icon for DDU