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    Running Windows 7 -- I recently changed my work PC's user account name to my name, and likewise changed the name of the PC, through Control Panel>User Accounts and Control Panel>System. However, when the PC reboots and the login screen comes up, it always reads
    "Userid: Joe-HP (my new username)
    Domain: Bob-HP"

    What is this domain? I can't seem to find it listed anywhere. It must be local, because my company doesn't use internal domains. It has to be something left over by the guy who used to use this PC (i.e., Bob). When I look in Control Panel>System, I see
    "Computer Name: Joe-HP
    Full Computer Name: Joe-HP
    Computer Description:
    Workgroup: WORKGROUP

    No mention of any domain. ANd when I go to Control Panel>System>Advanced System Settings>Advanced>User Profiles (settings...), my profile comes up as Joe-HP\Bob. What is this "Bob" domain, and how do I rename it? Thanks much.

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