Domain user with local admin rights OFF the network

Tried HP LaserJet P2015 from cd with network disconnected; Setup starts, runs for a minute, then provides error stating you should try the "Run as admin". Restarted, tried to run setup manually WITH Run As - no change - Darned!

Hey Trouble - Thanks for your help today - Noticed your In Indiana - I'm in Valpo!!


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When the machine is connected to the wire, do not have to right-click, run as - Runs fine, normal...
With cable unplugged, right-click, Run as Administrator fails. Consistent across 3 machines now. STill haven't had a chance to try other printer software.
OK, but I just got to does it fail? Do you get an opportunity to enter a username and password? And if so do you use the fully qualified domain username like whoever@whatever.lan or does it just do nothing?


Noob Whisperer
We cross posted good to know, I'm in Hobart, can practically see you from here.

"Does nothing" would be the answer; User is not prompted to enter anything, doesn't have a chance to enter anything. Not prompted to enter a admin password, or user/password combo. I'm guessing because they are in the Administrators group already??

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