Windows 7 Don't forget or neglect VMs


Mar 25, 2006
For example, I keep VMs of legacy Windows for client support. IF, for whatever reasons, you are running VMs of Operating Systems remember they, too, require updating... (their) browsers, Adobe, Java, Microsoft Updates, security tool(s) for A-V & A-M, CCleaner, et al; AND the same TLC, too... clean-up, Defrag, et al. VMs must treated like any other computer and be given identical care & attention.

And, yes, VMs of Operating Systems cannot go w/out security, like MSE or something. They, still, need it, same as a physical machine.

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a very timely and helpful reminder for someone like me, who just started using vms for the first time (xp guest, w8 host), thanks very much, much appreciated!
I agree with most of your points bar one.
I believe that you do not need an Anti Virus to protect your VM.
You could just use the built-in Firewall.
That ought to protect your data and your Virtual OS.
As Virtual OS operates from within, the malicious code would have to enter your original OS where it may be ineffective due to different computational ambient conditions.
These things would warrant it to be cross-platform code which is not yet possible. Hence a basic firewall is more than enough to protect your Virtual machines.
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