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    Hi there, I have Win7 Ultimate 64bit and it has been working great for a a year or so now. I've had almost no freezing! I love it

    But there's a small problem with the keyboard. I've been running the Icelandic keyboard settings since I installed w7 and it has worked great until just a few days ago when I hit the ´ key it always appears double like this ´´

    This key is very important for my language for certain letters.

    Please help I've been a Windows user since I was a small kid. I have tried another keyboard and it still does it. Also tried to adjust the repeat rates in Keyboard in Ctrl panel and no luck there.

    Any ideas????


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    Do you have a restore point from before the change happened?
    If you do I would try that first.

    Uninstalling you key board in device manager and then reboot your computer and let it reinstall it.
    See if that fixes it.

    See if there are any updated drivers for it.

    Try changing it to another set up i.e. English and then change it back to Icelandic again.

    If none of those work come back and maybe someone else will have an idea.

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    I would first uninstall the keyboard, through the device manager, and reboot and let the OS reinstall. If that doesn't do the trick, assuming this is a USB keyboard (?), do the same with the usb host controllers. I doubt the latter, though, if all other USB peripherals are OK, and it is only one key.
    Just beware though. When you uninstall the Keyboard, you will immediately loose it's functionality. You will need the mouse to reboot. or a hard reboot from the computer, which may lead into other problems. Uninstalling the USB hosts will be even more problematic and may lead to a restore or reinstall!! The decision will depend on what experience you may have in recovering from such situations.
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