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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by fabioduarte, Jun 14, 2014.

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    Hello guys!
    One day, I wanted to format my pc with Windows 7, but when formated it, it got two windows 7, one on each disc partition. Now, I want to format the pc and delete both windows 7, but I want to save one of the partitions... How can I do it?
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    Assuming you have a windows 7 install disk/media probably your easiest method would be to back up or save whatever it is you want saving in the partition and then boot from your actual windows disk. That will mean changing your boot order via the bios so that either DVD or thumb drive (or whatever you have windows media on) is first.
    Choose custom install and that will give you the options on whether to remove or keep whatever partition. Just remember though that anything in that partition will be written over when you install windows which is why I mentioned the back up above.
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    What ever you do use EasyBCD to delete the install that you are going to remove from the boot list first.

    Once you are sure that you computer boots directly to the Windows install that you want to keep, it's safe boot to the correct install and use it to format the other drive.

    If you remove one of the installs while both are listed in the boot menu your computer won't boot.
    I found this out the hard way many years ago. LOL


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