Windows 7 Download speed is half of upload speed

So, your FIOS is hardwired to your home without a broadband cable box? Never seen that with FIOS. Other providers however, I've seen this with condo or apartment complexes where all you get is a Coax cable out of a wall outlet that you plug into your TV or a Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable you can plug into a wifi router and split the signal to multiple computers.

In that case, might I suggest that you find a friend or neighbor that has a non-FIOS ISP, take your 2 computers to his/her house, hook them up to their LAN and repeat your file transfer test. If it fixes the problem, then your FIOS provider is doing something quirky in your location, but you can't do anything to fix it since it's in a box in the attic of the building your in or perhaps basement, or more likely buried a couple of hundred feet from your property in an underground access tunnel 10 ft. below the street. This test would let you know for sure it's your problem on that computer is ISP-related or not.

P.S. I don't expect you to really try this, but just pointing out a possible cause to your problem. Personally, I never test file transfer rates between computers anyway, as it takes as long as it takes to complete the copy of files/folders.:time: If you have one that's exceptionally slow, it's often due to windows corruption on one of the two computers involved in the file transfer. That sometimes requires that one or both computers need to be wiped and Windows resets performed on both to resolve it; if it's not found to be an ISP-related issue.

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Changing the provider not always works. You need a little more work on that
• Patriot DDR3, 2GB, PC3-8500F, 533MHz (x2)
• Crucial DDR3, 2GB, PC3-10700H, 667MHz (x2)

Just a FYI: When using mixed matched pairs like that.......the speed (mhz) defaults to the lowest. That said; You might want to look at the timings of each matched pair and if those are not the same then this can certainly cause issues on the hardware side. And maybe the underlying cause of your problem.
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