Windows 8 Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now!


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
Chicago, IL
As promised , Microsoft finally made Windows 8 Consumer Preview available for public download. Installation files come in ISO image format, so you guys would need to convert the file into another installation media like DVD or bootable USB drive.

Source: Yahoo! News
This was a very easy & fast install, even faster than Windows 7 (using a DVD). The links appeared to be a few minutes late, no big deal, using the "Down Them All" D/L manager in FF 10.0.2, the speeds were normal also (1.16MB/sec for me).

Being that it was difficult finding a way to easily disable the Metro deal, I left it as is (for now). No big deal. Most of my favorite apps that I have with Windows 7/XP runs normally. The one exception, was my paid defrag tool, Perfect Disk 12.5. A box appeared stating that the software would only run on XP, Vista & Windows 7. It'll probably get worked out soon. In the meantime, I'm using Auslogics Disk Defrag in it's place.

As far as getting the download was, it was no problem at all. Note that the key is on the download page, I saw another thread that I responded to and told the member (the member was looking for a key) where to look. Both OS's took less than 2 hours to download.

It's a great looking OS so far.

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