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I started out doing everything on the fast ring but I've gotten more careful because I'm using Windows 10 as my only OS.
It's a lot of work when I do a clean install because I have to install all my software every time.

I don't really want to do another clean install until Windows 10 goes live, (with only a month to go), and then do it for hopefully the last time.

I'm planning to upgrade and then do a clean install to another hard drive once I can get the ISO file.
I'm still up in the air about what I'll have to do to register it, if I want to drop out of the Insider Program.

I'll just have to wait and see what happens, but I can decide that later.
I can stick with the program until I know what's happening.



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I don't really want to do another clean install
Hi Mike.
Why don't you grab the ISO that is linked here in this forum
And burn it to media and just run setup.exe from that and perform the upgrade / keep everything.
That will at least give you a look at the latest happenings and perhaps even remedy some of the issues you may have.

I know you always do your system images religiously and I would suggest doing one before proceeding (just in case).


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Hi Trouble

Yeah, I'm going to do a system image right now.
Then I'll be ready whatever I do.

Maybe I'll do the update tomorrow, and get caught up.

I just started the download, once that's done I'll do the image file.
I haven't done the upgrade from the install files, does it give you that option when you put the disk in?


I'm thinking about doing a clean install on my other hard drive, do you think that would cause issues trying to dual boot 2 versions of Windows 10?

I'm assuming that it will give me the option to install it when I want from the DVD.
If I can do that, I'll just continue updating the new install right through the final version.

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If it doesn't launch automatically (autorun), then just open the install media and you'll see "setup.exe" that starts the show.
Early on you should see a screen something to the effect of "Keep windows settings and files" I think that is the default option.


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Hi Trouble

What about trying to install it on a separate hard drive along with the existing one?
Do you think I would run into any problems doing that?
I've done it many times with other OSs, but not the same one twice.

As long as it would boot to one of them I could use EasyBCD to set up the boot menu so I could chose which one I wanted to boot into at launch.

I could unplug the current Windows hard drive if I needed to.



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My thoughts on that would be....
Why over complicate things. None of your programs would be installed on the other drive so you would be setting at square one again.
I think the upgrade from the ISO is the way to go.... after a system image first, just to cover all your bases.
I've done two upgrades from 130 to 159 recent and they went without a hitch. I subsequently wiped them and did clean installs but that was just me .... playing.
I figure, if things go south with the upgrade or you find something you don't like about it, with the system image you could be back where you are now in a matter of a few minutes.

Joe S

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Thanks for the link to the ISO. I just upgraded with it from 158.


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Hi Trouble

The thing is that I'm going to switch to the other drive at some point, I already have a empty 200 gigabyte partition all set up for it.
I've been upgrading but the last two updates have had the same errors in them when I got done.

Neither one of them has the right click menu from the Start Button working.
Maybe that won't happen in the next update, but I figured the last update would fix it.

None of the programs in the start menu will open unless I select Run as Administrator?
It was this way in the previous build as well, I have no clue why.

I'm running from my Windows Account ID, so I don't know why it wants me to run things as admin.
That's only from the start menu, anything I start from the Taskbar RocketDock or the desktop works fine.

If I can do a clean install on the new drive (this is where my Windows 8 install was) I can still run all my software in the old version until I get things setup.

This will then be my final Windows 10 installation when it gets updated to retail.

By the way I ran SFC/scannow on my current install and it didn't find any errors at all, which surprised me.

Anyway I have the .ISO, and I have my new System Image File made, so I'll figure it out tomorrow.

I was thinking of starting the installation and seeing if it gives me the option to install on my clean partition.
I guess the worse that can happen is that it won't boot and I'll have to restore my system image.

My guess is that it will boot into the new install and ignore the old one unless I tell it which drive to boot to?
But I remember that dual booting Windows 7 after Windows 8 was installed was a problem, while is worked fine the other way around.

On the other hand I guess I can just do the upgrade, and see if it fixes things and the try the other option if it doesn't.



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I've been upgrading but the last two updates have had the same errors in them when I got done.
That is the problem with an upgrade.
Often times upgrading a problem system will just bring the problems along with it and why, most of us do not like to perform upgrades, preferring clean installs instead.
I tend to be a bit cavalier regarding these operations (clean installs, upgrades from various previous installation, etc.).
Some of them have worked well, others have been disasters but I have never ran into a problem that my most recent system image would not let me recover from, so I just continue testing and trying various scenarios without much regard for consequences.
I'm currently waiting for an upgrade from Windows 8.1 on my primary machine to Windows 10 Build 10159 to complete. Since this build is the closest thing we've seen to what the July 29th release will look like, I thought it would be a good experiment.
If it blows up..... I'll just go back to my 8.1 image.

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