Windows 8 Driver Download Needed


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Jan 4, 2014
Hey all, so I need a drivers download for slimtype dvd a ds8a8sh. I cant find one for free. Most of them are those stupid driver support programs that require you to pay. Windows must have their driver files available somewhere, wouldn't they? The computer isn't recognizing the e drive for some reason and on a trouble shoot it said there was a problem with the above mentioned driver file.
Thanks for the post but that is the Driver Toolkit, once it installs and scans it asks you to pay for it.
Hi Kat,
once again apologies for the download link.. I even tested it beforehand and for some reason thought it was ok... Oh well. Anyway I've been thinking more on your issue and usually DVD drives and the like are considered 'plug n play' meaning they don''t need any additional software to work as it''s all contained within the os. I assume that the drive did work at one time so try either a system restore or run the system file checker. You could also check to see if the firmware needs updating by downloading the app here:
If you run an admin cmd prompt type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.
I wouldn't use any software that downloads drivers. They always end up causing way more issues than they promise to solve.
I agree as well. You never know where these drivers are coming from. Many vendors provide driver packs which makes installing drivers pretty easy and Windows 10 is really good at installing the correct drivers on it's own as well.
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