Drop down menu not appearing

Help needed. I'm using a laptop that is more often than not connected to more than one screen via a docking station. When I'm using certain program's the drop down menus will often appear on the opposite screens, whilst this is not such a massive problem when I undock the laptop and use it on its own some drop down menus are not appearing on screen at all or only the very edge can be seen. I've tried resetting the monitor to using a single screen which always seems to reset its self when undocked. Can anybody please help it's driving me to distraction especially as I can't get on with my work.

Best regards Gary


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Are your graphics drivers up to date?

Not entirely sure, I shall try and check. It's a works laptop which probably says it all realy, we get a lot of auto updates which cause more problems than they cure.

Graphics driver updated but no joy unfortunately. Anything else???


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