Dual Boot Problem

Hi All,

I have windows 7 installed on a separate SSD, then I have the main storage as another drive. I have just partitioned part of the storage drive and installed windows 8. However where as I can access and use Microsoft office software whilst logged into windows 7, I cannot access any of the office from Windows 8.

Please Help!

Thank You

Scott Pattison


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You can't. You have to boot up on WIndows 8 to access the programs you need. Or install it on Windows 7.

Hi Thanks for the reply, However I already had Win 7 installed to the SSD, After I installed Win8 and tried to run office products, it errors with This operating system is not configured to run this program..

Any Ideas?

Scott Pattison


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Try this:

Open Control Panel>>>Programs and Features>>> Right-click on Microsoft Office 2010 (or whatever version you are running) and Select "Change" ... then tick "Repair" and click Continue... wait until the process is complete and re-boot and see if it helps.

Good luck!


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Like badrobot stated, In a dual boot environment, the 2nd OS is independent from the 1st OS. So any software you have installed on the 1st OS you will have to reinstall it on the 2nd OS. Any software that has a key for installation you will need a 2nd key for that software run properly. In your case with Office 2010, you can install it on 3 PC's using the same key. Same for Office 2003 and 2007.

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