Dual Boot win 7 and win 8

I have dual booted on 2 different Hd's before on win XP and Win Vista... in the cold Boot start up it would ask which Os I wanted to Boot.. This worked fine for a month then Vista would just Boot without the system asking which Drive OS I wanted to boot..
Ok I am trying to do this again with 2 Tb Hd's win 7 and Win 8 D It don't ask which Os I want to boot just boots win 8 .. If I go into Boot Menu I can choose the other Hd and it will boot win 7.. I tried changing the Boot order in Bios and on the SATA 3 cables.. but there was no difference.. But Win 8 always wins and the Boot is always that one... What am I missing in Start up???

You can also change the Default OS in "System Configuration"
With Windows 8 installed after Windows 7, you should have the Windows 8 boot menu appear with your choices.

Here is some additional information on how to use Windows 8 Boot Configuration (bcdedit)
Windows 8 BCDEdit Boot Configuration

Hope this helps


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