Dual Booting problems, (Original:Vista , Secondary: Windows 7)

Recently I received Windows 7 and had no intentions of replacing my vista anytime soon. So, I decided to fire up an external 300 gb usb hard drive. (Note: This drive was originally in a lap top taht broke so I took it out and got an enclosure for it, It was 320 gb but that doesnt matter.) I was going to see if Windows allowed me to install Win 7 on a portable hard drive, and as I expected It did not work... So I took it out of the enclosure and hooked it up in my computer. The reason I wanted to install externally was because I only have 1 data transfer cable.

Dell inspiron 530
serial ATA- right angle data cable

Well I had to unplug my original drive in the process. I installed 7 on the drive and booted just fine and set up win 7. Next I put the drive back in the enclosure and Changed my bios and I got to the loading screen of 7 and it fails... And tells me to go and repair. So I repaired it a good 3 times... Most the problems were occuring in Winload.exe and/or bootmgr...

So theres the situation
Here is what I think, I believe that When I installed it it recognized That it was attached in the IDE and wants that when I use it...
If so Is there any fix

next thought,
I think I noticed when I had it plugged into my computer motherboard. The drive was labeled F:
and when in usb mode it is labled H:

I would appreciate A Soloution for this problem, no matter the outcome.
I may also just run over to best buy and get a new cable anyway but I want to try this.

I have googled around everywhere, and There hasn't been a soloution. I have not heard of very many people acheiving this either.


Java( In proccess of learning) , php, html - programmer

alright thanks, I went and got a cable from best buy.

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