Dual monitor help?


Hello all, I have a bit of a problem.
You see, I just got a second monitor, and as you can see by the first circle, my first one is connected via VGA on my graphics card. My graphics card has HDMI out, VGA, and DVI-D.
There are no more ports for VGA, but that is what my second monitor needs.
I DO have a converter that converts VGA to DVI-I, but that can't connect to my graphics card.
But as seen in the second circle, my computer also has 2 DVI ports, one DVI-D and one DVI-I.
These were used before I had my graphics card.. But is there a way to use those WITH my graphics card installed? or is that only usable with the integrated graphics card in the PC?

Thanks in advance!

You can use either or both at the same time.


Senior Member
what ports does your first monitor have? what is the specs of you graphics card? Is it x1 or x16 PCIe interface?

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