"DVD drive device drivers missing" in Win7 installation setup

my attempt to install windows 7 today ended in :mad:!!!!
When I boot from the DVD, choose the Language and press "Install" I get an Error message stating "A DVD/CD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver CD/Floppy please insert it now..."
I have an Asus M4A79 Deluxe Motherboard and a Plextor 860SA DVDRW drive.
I am currently running Xp Pro SP3 and the drive is working fine. It did not come with a driver CD and they cannot be downloaded. The Support guy from Plextor told me it uses "generic drivers", whatever that is...:) He also told me that what I needed were the Chipset drivers from the motherboard so I downloaded those, put them on a usb stick and pointed the Win7 Install Setup thing to the folder but it still didnt work.
What is wrong and what can I do? Anybody? Thanks in advance


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Disable AHCI mode for your disk controller in the system BIOS. Typically the controller has to be changed from AHCI mode to "IDE" or "ATA" mode.

I'd like to apologize for asking a stupid question! :redface:
I guess the simple solution to the problem was to rtfm.
Didnt combine the two .iso files I downloaded but burned them on 2 seperate Disks.
I'm buisy burning the final DVD now and will inform you on the outcome of my 10000th installation attempt.


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Two .iso files?

Do you mean you downloaded the setup files ( 3 of them) ,one is an .exe, the other two are .box.

Running the .exe results in one folder on the desktop called expandedSetup.

That folder is used to create 1 bootable .iso file.

Good luck with it.

Windows 7 is a bitch just like Vista

I get the same crap from Vista and 7 asking for drivers it refuses to find. I put the drivers on a thumb drive and Browse to it when 7 prompts me. Funny thing is, Windows 7 reads all the other files on the thumb drive like .psds, .flas, .skps, and so on.... but it just plays stupid to the actual drivers for the motherboard/chipset. The system rejects XP and I was forced to put Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu sucks, nothing runs. I know all about WINE to get some progrmas to run but I use the entire Adobe Suite.

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