Windows 7 Dynex WiFi adapter not working.


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Feb 17, 2009
Hey. I installed Build 7057, and my Dynex Enhanced Wireless-G USB Adapter (DX-EBUSB) won't work. The problem started with the device just ceasing to work after 5-10 minutes of use. I uninstalled and "reinstalled" the drivers, and there's still no luck. The device can detect my Router, but it won't connect to it. I get the "limited access" popup. Something else to note is that during the driver installation, it gives a "Please plug in the device to a USB port" message, although it won't recognize the plugged-in device. Weird, eh?

This is weird, since I was able to DL the 64-bit driver for Vista/W7 Build 7000, and it would work.
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If you use 7057x64 it might be that your driver is not digitally signed. You can deactivate this check (Select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement) by pressing F8 while booting. After that u should be able to install the driver properly.
But you have to deactivate this 'feature' it every time you reboot so this is not a longterm solution.
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