Windows 7 Easy Transfer Not Detecting USB Cable


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Jul 29, 2013
We are trying to transfer files from an older computer running Windows XP Pro, 32 bit, to a new one using Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit. We are using Easy Transfer and an Inland Datalink USB cable, which was recommended by the computer store. We installed onto the XP computer what we believe is the correct Easy Transfer software. We run Easy Transfer and all is well until we get to where we plug in the cable. Neither computer detects it.

However - while there was no specific driver or software included with the cable, when plugged in, both computers show something in the appropriate drive letter in My Computer called Easy Suit CN, which we think may be software preinstalled in the cable. Clicking on that icon, on both computers, brings up a split screen that correctly shows the all files on both the Host and Remote computers. However, this software, from what we've seen, has no transfer capabilities. And of course the cable has no instructions. We are stumped.

It appears from this EasySuiteCN that the cable is functioning, just that Easy Transfer isn't. Can anyone help? Thank you, and I apologize for any mistakes in posting, it's my first post.
I have not done that process, but it looks like from the website linked below, Easy Transfer should offer you an option to use a transfer cable. Since the cable seems to be connected correctly, you should be able to transfer either files, or the .mig file containing your files. I believe if you run the operation using an external hard drive, you need to run Easy transfer on each computer in turn to get the files moved and incorporated on the new system, so you might have to do the same thing with the cable.

If it isn't working, perhaps you could share your exact procedure and where the problem is occurring.
Is this the cable you are using?

If so, I would try plugging in the cable WITHOUT running the Easy Transfer software.

Inland sells several different cables, there is the Datalink that has it's own software and there is this other cable
that works with the Easy Transfer.

When you bring up the screen with the files showing on both computers, can't you drag and drop files/folders from one side to the other?
Thank you! Yes, that's the cable we're using. Using the drag/drop method, so far, seems to work fine. Didn't expect that the cable's software would block Easy Transfer, but we seem to be transferring now. Thank you again!!
I was able to get Windows Easy Transfer (WET) to place the .mig file on the new system. I just treated the new computer as if it were an external drive. I can now use WET on the new computer to incorporate the files. So the Data Cable will work in that mode.

You might ask why you would now care, but there is a possibility WET might transfer some information you will not by doing a one for one file transfer.

I am not sure why the cable would not work when chosen as an option using WET. All I can suggest is a possible incompatibility between the OSes and the way it needed to establish communications. I will be testing a Windows 7 to Windows 7 transfer later to see if the cable works using that OS.
Today I received a Belkin "Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7" model F5U279. Since I had already installed Windows Easy Transfer on the XP machine, it was obvious from the start, this cable was made for this task.

When the cable was plugged into each machine, it was immediately recognized and even started the Easy Transfer software on both machines. The transfer went exactly as the tutorials specify. The transfer of 6.5 GB of data and incorporating on the Windows 7 machine took about 25 minutes. The other cable took 1 hour and 45 minutes to just transfer the data.

The fact the Inland cable identifies as "USB Easy Datalink", probably means it could be used to transfer data, but was not Windows Easy Transfer compatible.

Hope this helps...
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