Edit button missing in photo app

I installed Windows 8.1 and in phoyo app I want to edit a picture but the edit button is no more in.
I was using window 8 and when I opened a photo there were edit crop etc.

Now all is disappeared

Any clue?



Noob Whisperer
When you tap or click on the image do you not see this along the bottom
Screenshot (14).png

thanks for your reply.
I see this bar but there are not all the buttons.
I only have on the left USE AS and DELETE and nothing more. I have formatted the PC and installed again win 8.1 but the same thing appears

Yes It's ON and I have reinstalled PHOTO app but it's always the same


Noob Whisperer
Sorry that's pretty much all I know to try. I seldom use any of the modern apps for anything except for occasionally the weather app.
I use http://www.getpaint.net/
for my image editing and have for several years.
Maybe someone else with more skills in the modern apps arena may have something to add.
Typically I would advise the native windows System File Checker but you've mentioned already that you've recently reinstalled Windows 8.1 with the same results.
If there is nothing special or unique about these particular image file extensions and you haven't installed any third party image editing programs, then I can't imagine what the problem might be.
My apologies and regards

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