Elusive invader on my Win10 desktop


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I recently had a fake warning page pop up, saying I had malware and should call "Microsoft". I didn't. Also when I click on a link, I often get not only what I expect, but an additional tab to some additional site. I did a full scan with Defender. I ran a few free antivirus programs. I finally downloaded and run a full check with McAfee. Nothing found in any of my scans. No idea what to try next......
If it was while in a browser than it was likely just a browser alert which people use to trick you. There wouldn't be anything on your computer in that case
The browser add-on Ghostery, may block them.
Go into settings of your browser, you can swich off a lot.
If it looked even remotely like this then there's literally nothing to do. It's someone leveraging browser technology to try and scam you. Close the page your on and move on.