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Hello, On my Gateway Computer, I just downloaded WI10 from WI7 I'm using on the same Gateway Computer. At first it wouldn't download and I don't know why, but I was trying to figure out why, so I was doing things to fix my computer so I could take advantage of the free download. One day the download happened and now I have both WI7 and WI10 on my Gateway Computer. The problem I have with WI10 is I can't figure out how to setup a email account on WI10. Sometimes I feel so stupid and others I just want to scream!!! I wonder if its my communication problem or stupid thing that say, "Ask me anything" she never helps me and just confuses me more. I said to her..."I just want to know how to setup my email account". Anyway, it's my frustration!!!

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The problem I have with WI10 is I can't figure out how to setup a email account on WI10
as in you don't have an email but windows wants you to give it one for your Microsoft account setup?
you do have an email but windows doesn't like it because its not American (hotmail)?

or you have email accounts and want a mail app so that you can get your emails whilst using this WX machine?


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Hi there,

As Norway asked it would be helpful to know if you are attempting to setup an existing E-mail account you have with a non-Microsoft E-mail provider such as Gmail or Yahoo mail, or you have a provider-based E-mail account such as Cox, Verizon, Charter, AT&T U-verse, etc. More information would be helpful to us.

Regardless of which E-mail you have, here are a few things for you to look at may help in the meantime.

The first is a simple YouTube video which shows you how to setup most kinds of Webmail accounts. Webmails are usually free E-mails available to anyone on the Internet such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail (now defunct), and AOL Mail. Provider Webmails are usually fee-based E-mail accounts which people think are free, but they are not since they are included with your monthly payment to whatever company you secure your Internet services from. Examples, as above are Cox, Verizon, Charter, AT&T U-verse, etc. Here's the link for the video:

Next, if you don't plan on using either a Microsoft E-mail or a free webmail account, and you are trying to setup a Provider webmail account, you'll definitely want to take a look at my Post on the Microsoft Community forum which was affirmed by their Admins to be accurate. Here's that link:
How to fix sync issues with Mail in Windows 10

Bear in mind if you are trying to setup a Provider webmail account, you might need to get expert help from a local Computer Pro or IT person to get this working. It's not a simple process, especially if you are a novice at setting up E-mail (notice I didn't say a novice at using E-mail!). There are synchronization problems galore with W10 Mail, which they haven't fixed in any of the several W10 updates since last year when I originally uncovered the problem, which appears to be a bug with W10 Mail. Word from Microsoft is that they are fixing it; but they are not in a hurry to do so apparently.:headache:

So, if you are in the Provider webmail category, and you read through the link to my Post for the workaround procedure on the Microsoft Community Forum above you may need some help. If that's too intimidating for you, you may simply consider getting a new free Microsoft E-mail account, either the Microsoft Live ID E-mail or a Microsoft E-mail. Things go much easier with this method, as I detail above. You could also use a 3rd party free E-mail client or program that lets you read your existing E-mail from within W10 itself. Their are numerous programs that accomplish this, however, the only one we W10 Beta Testers tested and liked is the Mozilla Thunderbird program which works well for most folks as an alternative.;)

Lastly, be aware that even if you do get your existing E-mail account working on the W10 Mail ok, or you create a new Microsoft-based free E-mail account, you'll still be faced with the problem that Microsoft removed several basic functional items that most users out there are used to having in their E-mail accounts. Some of those include removed the ability to flag your E-mails with delivery receipts, alphabetic or alphanumeric sorting of messages, message grouping, and Distribution list functionality have all been removed or reduced to near non-usefulness. I myself spent months trying to use W10 Mail as my new primary E-mail and it just didn't work for me. As I have 5-W10 computers and also E-mail on my Smartphone, that's 6 devices to get E-mail on; it just didn't work for me. I wound up buying Office365 which gave me back the full-featured E-mail client, Outlook2016. I do have to pay $120 a year for the privilege of being able to use E-mail the way I'm used to using it, so that's a financial consideration you'll have to look at to see if it fits your budget. If you are only an occasional E-mail user and you only use E-mail on 1 or 2 devices, you may be able to live with the W10 Mail or the Thunderbird I mentioned.

Post back when you can and let us know how things turned out, or if you have any questions along the way.
Hope this proves helpul!:D


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