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Windows 8 environments variable problem, they do not work!


New Member
May 21, 2013
Hi at all, I'm a new entry in the forum.

As by topic title I'have a problem with environments variable in windows 8.

In practice, I installed MinGw a c/C++ compiler and when i use the command gcc from prompt it response me with the following message:

gcc is not recognized as internal or external command....

Even though I' have set the "path" environment variable to the bin directory of MinGW.

It is not the first time that I install MinGW on my pc. On the old pc with xp operating system I already used MinGW and it does work fine.

Moreover, I have this problem also with other application that I install and I have to use by prompt CMD.

Is there anyone that has notices this problem and help me?

thanks and regards