Windows 7 Error 0xc00000e9


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When I tried to install Windows 7 Beta, an error screen pop out with this error.

It says its some kind of I/O error and one of my external devices may be causing it. However, I'm not sure which, since the only external devices I have are the mouse, keyboard and monitor. >.>

Through a bit of searching, I did not find out much about this error and end u finding this forum. So here I am in need of assistance to help me out through this error.

Beforehand, I must explain my computer's condition, just in case its oldness is the cause.
I'm running a comp with the following config;
AMD Sempron 2500+ 1.4GHz
Gigabyte Motherboard
Kingston 1GB RAM
160GBx2 HDD(one Maxtor and one Western Digital)
Ethernet Card
USB Mouse
PS/2 Keyboard
LCD Monitor
Dual Boot XP and Vista(yes, I want to triple-boot)

I already set up a primary NFTS partition for the Windows 7 install also.

Though, its gonna be useless if I cannot overcome this error. <.<
I am getting the same error trying to install Win7 on my Gateway MX8711 laptop. I have successfully installed XP Pro and Vista. I have replaced the SATA hard drive. Nothing seems to solve this problem. Apparently we aren't the only ones having this problem. Hope someone can find the solution.

Windows Boot Manager error 0xc00000e9
I suspect part of your problem is the XP version you are trying to run concurrently with the other programs. If you look at the EasyBCD website, you will find instructions for including XP in the boot manager process. Once you have that resolved between XP and Vista and the boot process works smoothly, then try loading Win 7 onto a separate partition. I don't have XP on this computer, but I do have Vista 64, Win7 64, and Win7 32 all cleanly loaded onto separate partitions and I can easily switch between them upon restart through the boot manager. I also have a separate partition for data, which helps from creating three versions of the same stuff (music, pictures, videos, etc.) for each operating system.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.
Thanks for replying Daprez
I'm not sure how it could be my version of XP
I reformat the drive, install XP Pro - no problems
I reformat the drive, install Vista Bus - no problems
I'm beginning to think it isn't actually a Windows issue but instead a firmware issue with my Gateway MX8711
I'm going to look into upgrading the firmware on the laptop and see if this solves the problem.
From what I have read so far on these forums and at the Microsoft and EasyBCD sites, it is not the version of XP, but rather the fact of XP being present at all. Vista and Win 7 load through a bootstrapper, or boot manager program, while XP does not. To trick the boot manager into offering XP as one of its options, you have to load a set of files from an authorized version of Vista into XP. Then the boot manager will load an entry for XP (which it thinks is Vista), which you then have to edit slightly.

Once you do this and have it working, then load Win 7 RC and it should show up as your third boot option. Go to the EasyBCD site and read what they suggest to do to get XP included. They have step-by-step instructions posted there. Good luck.
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