error during installation

solved error during installation

i have searched the forum and haven't found a solution to my problem. the HDD is clean and formatted during the process each time so i have nothing to boot into. this is not an upgrade! so i cant log in then run it.

i get the error 0x80070017

what i have tried
different DVDs
Different DVD drives
different ram slots and ram configurations
different HDD settings (ide, achi, raid)

boot from USB <--- wont work for some reason. when i go into bios and turn on boot from USB it still says no removable storage drives are accounted for no matter how many times i restart the comp. it doesn't give me an option to even try and boot from usb after the bios screen.

i have run memtest86 on each ram stick 2 passes each
i have run seagate hd tool long test, it passed with no bad sectors

i have placed both the HDD and DVDs in another computer and formatted it with no errors.

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The error usually means bad media.
Are you installing from factory disks when you say different DVDs?

If not I'd download and make a new install disk.

Are you installing Windows 7 64 bit?

Are you sure the computer is compatible?

Where in the process does the error message come up?

What is the computer, age and specs.


no they are back ups
yes 64 bit
yes it is compatible i was running win 7 64 bit since it came out however recently i have had to reformat quite a few times for various reasons, my last reformat on that machine was a merely 4 weeks ago

the error comes up at the end of "Expanding files" stage, 99%.

the computer is extremely old with mix match parts im going to need to know what items in the comp you wish to know about
mobo: D975xbx
CPU: core 2 quad
ram: 3gb


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The fact that it comes at expanding files make me think even more that this is caused by corrupt install media.
It's actually failing before is starts installing Windows.

Try downloading and burning an .ISO image of the install files and make a new DVD.

Make sure you get the version you have a serial number for.

Windows downloads - Microsoft Windows

Use Image Burn to make the bootable disk.

The Official ImgBurn Website


What speed should i be burning this at?


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The slower the better chance of getting a good image.


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Quite so. They usually recommend a burning speed of 3x or less. It's a bit of a problem since many newer DVDs, like mine, only burn with 5x or more. What can you do? But pick the slowest speed you can.

I burned a new cd and and it did the same thing


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I can't find much that doesn't say it's caused by a bad disk.
This does seem to be a pretty common error.

Here's some of what I've found that may help?

Vista Home Basic to Windows 7 Pro requires a custom install - if you're trying to upgrade it wont work. Custom install steps are below.

Disable all security software: anti-virus, firewall etc. Remember to enable after words.

Disconnect all external devices except keyboard and mouse before installing.

If you have multiple hard drives remove all except the one you're installing Windows 7 on, then replace after Windows 7 is installed.

If you downloaded Windows 7 and burned it to a DVD try burning it again at the slowest speed possible. It's also possible the download may have errors, you could try downloading it again.


Thank you for Posting on the Microsoft Vista Community Forums.

Installation might stop if the system cannot copy files. Here are some possible causes and solutions for this problem:

Your Windows installation disc is scratched, smudged, or dirty. Clean the disc with a soft cloth, insert it in the CD or DVD drive, and then begin the Windows installation again. If your installation disc is damaged, you might need to replace it. For more information, go to How to replace lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software or hardware on the Microsoft website.

Your CD or DVD drive is not working properly, or the disc might be vibrating too much for the laser to accurately read the data. For more information about this problem, consult your hardware documentation, or contact the CD or DVD drive manufacturer.

If your computer has multiple CD or DVD drives, your computer might be trying to locate files on the wrong drive. If your computer has a feature to disable CD or DVD drives that are not being used, disable the drives that you aren't using. Otherwise, try inserting the disc into a different drive, and then start the installation again.

There is a virus on your computer. Run an antivirus program to scan your system and identify needed repairs. Be sure to disable the antivirus program before beginning the installation again.
Also this is usually caused by hardware or software that is incompatible with Windows 7. If you have this problem, follow these steps:

1. Wait about 10 minutes to see if the installation continues. Watch the hard disk indicator (often a small light on your computer that blinks when your hard disk is running) to see if there is any activity. If your hard disk appears to be working, the installation should be in progress. If your hard disk does not appear to be working, go to step 2.

2. If the installation fails again, there might be a hardware incompatibility problem. Go to the Windows Upgrade Advisor on the Microsoft website to see if your computer can run Windows 7.

3. If you have compatible hardware and your computer still stops responding, disable any unnecessary hardware. Remove universal serial bus (USB) devices; remove or disable network adapters, sound cards, and serial cards; and then restart the installation.
If you have more than 1 Memory stick on your computer, try to remove the all the RAM stick except for one and try installing Windows

4. If the computer still stops responding during installation, you may have to contact your computer manufacturer or retailer to verify if the computer is compatible with Windows 7.
Also refer the link below to know more about troubleshooting Windows installation issue:
Troubleshoot Windows installation problems

Note: This article is related to Windows Vista. However you can follow the same steps with Windows 7.

If the installation fails after following the above steps, try to make a note of the exact error messsage and provide the same.


dxRe: error during installation

Solved: total damage, replaced cd drive and removed a bad stick of ram. Installed with 2 1gb sticks of ram and put third stick of 1gb ram in afterward


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Re: dxRe: error during installation


Glad to see you have it fixed.


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