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So guys first things first, GF's laptop was having some major problems so I decided to reformat and install windows 7, a legit copy I paid for from digital river, first problem I ordered 32bit they sent me 64bit, great so I have an incompatible copy, so I emailed them and asked them to switch it out asap, they refused, told me the key would work for 32 and to just go pirate an ISO, so I did, I burnt 2 copies, 2 different downloads, both retail both seemingly legit without loaders and cracks and blah blah, both copies ended up corrupt, first version didnt error till right at the end... after i formatted the HDD, so that left me with a paper weight and a pissed off fiance, second version didnt even get through, and funny thing is I checked both hashes and everything was fine, not 1 thing off.

Question is, where the hell can I find either a windows 7 premium home or vista premium home legit ISO that isn't rigged by idiots, I have keys for both and cant find a good copy of either, running out of DVD-R's.

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Sounds really fishy to me that said to use pirated ISO.

Yeah figured so, but I cant get it legally when I spent the money on it from Digital River (side not never use them), I've run out of options at this point, and im not in the mood for buying something a second time and getting no results.


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No one on this forum will get you a cracked copy of the software or help you in anyway to do so. They will be instantly banned per the rules of the forum. However, I can suggest that you need to reinstall the old operating system or purchase another copy of another operating system. Getting software illegally is not right and should never be done. Thank You!!!

Ah I was pointing out that I had tried that and failed, I was asking if anybody knew how to get DR to resend the download, I know a buddy had the same problem as me with them and he ended up getting his exchanged, but they straight up told me flat out they couldn't do that, thats what I get for going for the student savings instead of going legit microsoft I suppose, anyways yeah I have my own keys for em all, XP, Vista, and 7 but none of the discs, there needs to be a "put your key in here, your name here, and we'll give you a download" feature on Microsoft to be honest, I even tried calling MS, sat on hold for an hour to hear "Buy it again, or pay $50 to use the chat on the site and we will give you a link good enough for 1 download".


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as iroken22 said we do not support pirating on this site now I have purchased stuff through digital river before and they were the student deals i believe you have like maybe 14 days to download it before it is removed now when you first bought it they gave you the option to buy an extended download service for like 5 bucks which i did maybe you should should call them up and see if they will let you purchase that they also offered a backup disc for like 13 dollars now after I had placed my order like a week later I called them and asked if i could purchase the disc and they siad yes and sent me a disc the number for digital river customer service is 1-888-922-1864 and it took me forever to find there number it is not advertised at all on there website

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Good deal Krypto, I usually search and try to locate a toll-free number myself.

Just letting you guys know I got it worked out, I pestered DigitalRiver all night last night with my info, they finnaly gave me the download when I sent them the activation key they gave me, apparently thats all the proof they need.

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Glad you got it worked out. When you burn the disk use the slowest speed 4X max. Burning faster can cause errors


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See, its pays to bitch and complain

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