Error opening zip file on a networked drive, but works fine when local

Nomad of Norad

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I have an NAS (Network Attached Storage) but I recently set up. (It replaces the old NAS I left turned off for three years. The drive is unchanged from the old machine, it simply has a new machine around it.) There are a lot of zip files I have stored on it. Every one of them, if I dry to navigate into them via Windows Explorer, I get the error:

Windows cannot open the folder.

The Compressed (zipped) Folder '\\NASLITE-2\Disk-0\' is invalid.
I'm pretty sure I had no problems opening these files before, when it was on the old NAS machine three years ago. If I copy a zip file from the NAS over to the local machine and then navigate into the zip file locally, it opens fine. Also, if I access the zip on the NAS using 7-zip, it also opens fine. Another thing I've just now noticed is that if I hover the mouse over a zip file on the NAS, a white rectangle comes up listing all the files in the zip.... but I still get the above error if I double-click on the zip file. I'm guessing there's some bug or foulup with Windows' built-in zip handler. It doesn't seem likely be a permissions issue, since 7-zip works fine, and copying the zip over and THEN opening it also works fine.

Any ideas?

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