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Jan 23, 2009
Hi All I loaded windows 7 beta today on a Shuttle SNG45 with a FN45 motherboard as far as I
can tell it is an nvidia 10/100 onboard nic . found 32 bit vista ethernet drivers on nvidia website
and drivers did not do a blessed thing, anyone else run into ETHERNET CONTROLLER Driver Error?

was able to tell windows that I have an nvidia lan card and now the card gets connect at 100mbs
but give limited connectivity warning.....very frustrating
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I have had this problem. I installed windows 7 on my shuttle PC and i couldnt connect it to my router at all. i just got the red X.anyway. I tried all i could to connect it (installed XP/Vista 32/64-bit drivers on it) and a few more drivers i found and it still said under device manager that my Ethernet controller was not installed. Anyway, im pretty sure that this whole "not connecting with the ethernet controller" thing has to be a windows 7 error.

My solution to this problem is to just install a PCI Ethernet Conroller card. I stuck mine in and it worked perfectly, and i didnt even install the driver for it. So please send microsoft your feedback about it and hopefully it will be fixed when the real Windows 7 comes out. Hope this helps!
ya i was same problem with that, now mine is working perfectly. so i will give you the tips, check it!!!
First, you restart your computer and go to the BIOS settings, then go to the Boot option and under this go to Boot configuration and put the "Network from boot" enabled. Then restart your computer again, go to Select Boot Manager by pressing F11(it depends on your system), and select Network from boot or Network from (something).......after this you will get the black screen by writing something. In that, there will be MAC address like 00114FCC8B(you will get like this number under the MAC address).Just note it down and restart your system again. Then, right click on "My Computer" > Manage > Network Adapters > Double-click on "nvidia 10/100 onboard nic". You will get a small windows, go to Advanced option > Network address > select value > put your MAC address and click ok. Then it will let you connect your internet. Hope this helps!!

Yes, I had the same problem with connection as well.I have a 3com ethernet device that needed an updated driver.I went to and began downloading updated drivers at random untill one worked.I wrote down the model # and googled it.Needless to say I found the correct one and am now connected.All other updated issues worked them selves out accept the video card upgrades.Only problem with this is I cannot use any of the screensavers becouse they are all 3D images.
didn't work for me

That trick with MAC address not work for me. But i found out, that whatever I ping (example the output is : Reply from Destinatoin host unreachable.
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