Ethernet say's it's not plugged in.


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I've been wanting to use my Ethernet cable -it has plug-ins on both ends- and tried to connect my laptop to a modem or router, but I look at my Control Panel saying it's not plugged in. I don't believe the plug to be broken because it was rolled up and twist-tied when it was found. I tried the diagnose but it said it needed to be fixed or not properly plugged in. The plugs are inserted correctly and like I said: I don't think it's broken. I updated the driver unless I need to restart my laptop to make sure it works and I'm using the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller and upgraded to Windows 10. I looked at videos and certain forums that had this problem and there were links but only selected certain links, and I still don't know what's wrong. Is there any ideas that could work? Thank you.


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There could very easily be a break in the cable, it's not that uncommon. There are some cheap cable testers you can buy at home depot or just buy another cable. You may also want to try uninstalling the network adapter in Device Manager.


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It could be a cross-linked cable… these are used to connect two computers directly together without a router between them and wont work like a normal cable will.

I recommend you test this cable on someone elses computer (that you know works) first then if that works you know its not the cable itself.


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Todays computers can flip the logic so it doesn't matter if you have a cross over or straight through


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And look if small leds are lighting near the connectors on the modem and / or your computer. If not you have a sure sign of a broken cable.


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One last thing if you never used the port it could just be bad. On the cable side if you look at the lights on the port be forewarned that the lights only look at one pair so it could still be a bad cable