Event Viewer out of wack

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Those Event Message are just warning not critical errors i think you can ignore. Anyways we could use the Event Log to determine a little more deeper. Follow the instructions and run the Tool SF Diagnostic Tool - Using for Troubleshooting - Windows 7 Forums run all of them except MiniDump and Zip them and upload the files here

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I tried downloading that program,,,,but it will not download on my computer ! It says can't open this file ! I don't know the deal is !


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I am also wondering about the method of updating my BIOS ! I know there are 2 ways of updating BIOS, through windows and through DOS ! Which is the MOST trusted way and the least risky ?


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Like mentioned above, it's a lot easier then people think. If you don't get a power-down in the middle and you use the correct flash file, you are good to go.

I have flashed my bios more then once and never had issues.

This guy flashes bios daily:
Read this and feel safer:
How to Flash a BIOS Without Giving Yourself a Headache Motherboards.org

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