Windows 11 Expand C:Drive to D:Drive


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Feb 1, 2023
HP Omen with built-in 500Gb C Drive.
Windows 11
I want to expand the C;Drive to the D Drive
The attached photo is a depiction of the Disk Management.
The other attached photo is the Disk layout from AOMEI.
I purchased the upgrade with the hope that it would allow the partition to the right of the C: partition.
I could not move the partition.
How can expand C: onto D:?


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  • AOMEI Drive Layout.jpg
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Jul 4, 2015
Those are separate physical disks you can't expand between disks unless the computer has hardware raid support which it likely does not


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Feb 1, 2023
Thank you. I misunderstood what I read.

The 500GB is built into the Motherboard, I can't see a way to remove it, so how can I increase the capacity of the C drive?
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