Expensive internet & missing search button

Windows 10 is magnificent.

That said it appears to me as if nr 10 was created solely from an American perspective? With nr 8 I could go to my internet settings and mostly negate any unwanted advertisements. Being online with nr 10 I use an inordinate amount of data, no matter how I tweak my settings! Frankly, it becomes unaffordable. And the thing is I just can NOT determine what exactly is consuming said data (apart from the advertisements). Is it possible the problem resides with nr 10 itself (inasmuch it uses data to complement itself)? I do NOT want cloud, and I do NOT want Windows to, willy-nilly use my internet connection!

Data in the USA is cheap, not so in South Africa, or the rest of Africa for that matter. Can nr 10 not have the option of requesting the user's permission for every and all internet connections/downloads? If not, is there a free program available what allows me to exercise the necessary control?

Then there is the case of the missing looking glass (search) icon. I have to go to tablet version in order to have it available. Please assist.

Please keep any assistance simple.

And thank you kindly.


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You might try looking at Google Chrome and using the AdBlocker extension.
It does a good job of blocking ads in most places like YouTube and videos on game sites etc.

Probably on your home page as well.

It worked on mine until recently but Comcast appears to have defeated it on my home page.
It blocks the video but allows the sound, but it still works everyplace else.

I think that signing in using a non Microsoft might help as well since some of the online features of Windows 10 are not active when you aren't on a Microsoft account.

I don't know that to be a fact, but it seems likely.

For what it's worth I used 51 Gigabytes in the last 30 days, mostly I'd guess from gaming.



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I'd assume the update manager first as thats a known internet hog but yes the adds is how you payed for the FREE wx upgrade.

created solely from an American perspective?
I didn't notice.:oops::rolleyes:

The extent of my problem is such: Utilizing 10 I visit only the exact same sites I have visited using 8.1. Yet I now use 147% MORE data, despite utilizing the exact same advanced settings for internet explorer!

That said: thank-you Mike. If only you now can tell me, in unadorned terms, how exactly do I get into this Google Chrome, and specifically this AdBlocker extension, please. But, keep it simple, eh?


Miss Norway,
Yes, that might be the problem! How do I prevent 10 from automatically updating, please?

Yes, an American perspective. There was absolutely no consideration regarding peculiarities vis-à-vis the internet specific to Africa et al when 10 was developed. As an example I might mention that here in South Africa I must labour approximately 10 hrs to earn your minimum wage for 1 hour! Accordingly we keep a close eye on data usage, as it is exorbitantly expensive! Even comparatively speaking. I personally use Word 2010, as it is paid for and still valid. The latest Office is valid for only 1 year, so we can not afford to pay for it year after year after year, ad infinitum.

Whilst I agree with that one should pay for what you want, it is instances like the above which contribute to piracy.


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  • It's Mr on this forum or just Norway... Nibbit is also ok.
Wx is not designed to turn off updates and the only safe way I'd recommend is from the services tab;
  • Press [windows key] + [x] then press [t] to open task manager,
Screenshot (245).png

  • Then goto services,
Screenshot (246).png

  • Right click the windows update service and pick proerties... list by the names to help find it.
Screenshot (247).png

  • For your case, I'd suggest "disabled" as that will stop Microsoft turning it back on... of course, just re-enable it when you want to look for updates again.

p.s. sarcasm gets lost between us it seems... I was agreeing that its all very American, my cortana doesn't work because English (Australian) isn't something Microsoft knows about.


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Just download and install Google Chrome...

Chrome Browser

Then install the Ad Blocker extension...


That should stop all the ads at least.


Thank-you Norway, but my case is not. 10 allows me to stop the update, but not to disable it. Anyway, thank-you for keeping it simple: George Orwell would have liked you:

Translation of Ecclesiastes 9:11 by George Orwell: in order to prove that we should keep it simple:

The Translation: "Objective consideration of contemporary phenomena compels the conclusion that success or failure in competitive activities exhibits no tendency to be commensurate with innate capacity, but that a considerable element of the unpredictable must invariably be taken into account."

The Original: "I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."

It seems that I am obliged to revert to 8.1.

Mike, thank-you so verily! I have followed your advice, with great effect!

And Norway, so far it appears as if, every time, after starting up one's computer, one should (like you have advised) stop the update service manually. Already I have noticed a great improvement re the data usage. However, I do appreciate that the updates complement 10, and thus I will effect same when financially viable.

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