Explorer's odd behavior


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When using windows explorer I normally use the dual pane view with all folders shown in the left pane and a specific folder is opened in the left pane. While in something like My Documents where there are lots of sub-folders shown in the left pane I have run into a problem that is caused by my careless behavior. When trying to access a folder's property sheet I sometimes right click on the folder in the left pane rather doing the same on the right pane view of the same folder. I have noticed that doing this in Windows 7 I cause an error condition in which Explorer stops functioning and has to be restarted. I don't remember this behavior in any other version of windows so I wonder if it is a bug that has been overlooked by Microsoft or is there a work around to prevent Explorer from shutting down when I right click a folder in the left pane?

Cec Britton

Just did exactly what you said, in fact I do the same often, and it all worked without any trouble. Using Win7Ultx64.


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Thanks for your reply. I didn't mention it but I am running 7 Pro. 32 bit. I can't imagine the difference in bits being the root of my problem though. It sounds like I installed a corrupt file somewhere along the way. Thankfully the problem is more of a nuisance than a show stopper. I guess I will live with it until it gets corrected accidentally.

Cecil Britton

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