External hdd not showing up in My Computer and Disk Management is not up-to-date

I have a problem with my hdd. It hasn't fallen or anything but just all of a sudden it doesn't show up in My Computer. Before, it was showing up but was not accessible but this time when i try to change letter, it tells me that the disk management is not up-to-date. I have a Samsung M3 1TB portable hdd. I have tried the Hdd in other PCs but I'm getting the same problem.​

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First try plugging it into another pc. This will help determine if the problem lies with the drive or your pc. Also try using a different connecting cable to test if that is the cause.

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Also don't use a hub and if it's a powered drive plug in directly to the wall instead of a surge protector.

I have already tried the same thing on other PCs but I'm getting the same problem...


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A main thing is, can you see the disk in BIOS? Sometimes Windows fails, even if the disk shows in BIOS. If it shows there, it's probably an issue of partition.

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