Extremely negative review of 8.1... fair?

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Mike, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I'm glad to hear that there's no compatibility issues with Classic Shell and Start 8.
    The thing I hate most about my Apple iPad and iPhone is how they control everything.

    I guess that's why, even though I'm a graphic designer I've never switched to a Mac.

    Pretty much everyone I know who is a graphic artist uses a Mac, everyone I know who isn't uses a PC.

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    There is really no reason to go Mac other than if you are running Mac OS only software. Which in my opinion would be more cost affective to find a PC alternative. The hardware on Mac is older than what you can get with a PC and the PC equipment costs less. Granted you have to make choices and decided what things you want on your PC, unlike Mac, but if you can order off a Taco Smell Fest menu, you can order a PC. There is the thing about being compatible, but that is a loose term. It may still run, but cause problems on the system. It may be as simple as you cant maximize windows with that application showing. It may be as big as the processes takes up 3/4 of your hard drive read time for no reason at all. Either way, it works, but there are problems. This is not a completely bad thing, or a reason to throw it out, its just something to think about.
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    I am also a user of both Classic Shell and agent Ransack. Agent Ransack works the same as Windows XPs search Companion,you know the one with the dog. Windows Vista,7 and 8 search is not very good and cannot find all the files you want. Where as Windows XP Search Companion and Agent Ransack find everything quickly.That's why I use AR on Windows 8. Classic Shell also has been updated to work on Windows 8.1,so there shouldn't be a problem.

    I have not tried Windows 8.1 Preview yet. I was going to but what put me off was that you have to log in with a Microsoft or MSN email account and I hate that. As on Windows 8 you can log in with a local account and you don't have to have a password if you don't want one. So I don't,but this is not an option on Windows 8.1.

    Also one question- I am running Windows 8 but don't really want to upgrade to Windows 8.1. Do we have to or will be be mandatory like installing service Pack 1 on Windows 7. That's what I want to know. As I am happy with Windows 8 Pro and I want to stay there and not upgrade to Windows 8.1.

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