Extremely slow boot - over 1 minute

I have windows 10 installed on a ssd drive and my boot time is around 2 minutes. I've tried everything that I could find online, such as: disable startup programs, enable fast boot etc. . I had some corrupt image files, but I repaired them using DISM and now 'sfc /scannow' is not returning any errors.

I want to mention that I did a clean install of windows 10(I did not upgrade it, I removed what I had before completely).

I had windows 7 which was booting really fast.

My system model is z97x-gaming 3 and I have 16GB RAM.

How can I solve this ?

Let me know if you need more information.

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I run Windows 10 on a VM and it boots slower than the Windows 7's I have on VMs.


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You need to break it down to pre-logon and post-logon. How long does it take to get from pressing the power button to the logon prompt and from there to fully logged on

Some pre-logon causes
  • Drivers
  • Services
  • Faulty memory and / or SDD
  • Full SSD
  • Services
  • Start up processes
  • Malware

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Windows 10 needs more space to store the system files. You can check the volume of your Windows 10 system partition, if there is running out of space, that may caused your Windows 10 runs slow, and what you need do is extend system partition in Windows 10. However, if your system partition is big enough, you need check whether it is something wrong with your SSD.

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