Fax and Scan only faxing to .Prn & NOT


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My windows fax and scan will no longer fax-it wants a .prn file to print to file WHEN Fax and scan says my fax modem is installed and ready to send and receive faxes, this problem happened very suddenly and nothing in my event viewer that I can find. But. around same time though my DHCP cannot renew it's address either-I cannot find a bug. Please help with these 2 issues as I recently became POA for my mother who recently went into assisted living and I need to do A LOT of faxing. Thank you


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Roughly, a .prn is a print file, needed to be printed, not able to be faxed.

Might be, you have a problem with the router. Can you generally get to Internet?


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Not a lot to go on in your question.
Is the device you are using truly a fax modem? Is it internal or external? Or is it a more currently typical AIO device from HP or Epson, etc.?
The fact that you're currently having DHCP problems may be an indicator of a more pervasive problem but since there is no information regarding your network environment I'm just guessing? Are you using DSL provided by your local TelCo if so there may be a problem with their circuit (either physical or PVC) to or thru your device.
Check all your connections, splitters, filters, etc.,
Maybe explain how your network is set up, how many and what type of appliances are involved and who provided them. Does your phone have a dial tone, will it tip and ring? If so and if it is physically possible trying jacking that line straight into your modem.


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My fax and scan is set up using my external fax modem plugged into my usb port which is connected over my telephone line AND I am receiving a very large fax right now without any problem-it just wants to .prn (print to file) my outgoing faxes and that problem happened suddenly-I was faxing paperwork just fine a few days before and no settings were changed. The other problem got somehow fixed overnight and you are correct I am using cox as my ISP.


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Have you checked you printers folder and confirmed that your Fax device is still showing as available as a choice and that the properties are not set to "Offline"?
To send a fax

Open the document, webpage, or email message you want to fax.

On the File menu, click Print.

In the Print dialog box, under Select Printer, click Fax, and then click Print.

On the Welcome to the Send Fax Wizard page, click Next.

On the Recipient Information page, type the recipient name in the To box. Type the recipient fax number in the Fax number box. If you want to send the fax to more than one recipient, type the recipient information in the appropriate boxes, and then click Add. The recipient appears in the list, and the boxes are cleared so that you can enter additional recipient information. When you have finished adding recipients, click Next.

On the Preparing the Cover Page page, select the Select a cover page template with the following information check box. Click the template that you want in the Cover page template list. Complete the Subject line box and, optionally, the Note box. Then, click Next.

On the Schedule page, click Next.

On the Completing the Send Fax Wizard page, click Finish.

Your computer automatically connects with the remote fax machine and sends the fax with a cover sheet. If your original is on paper, scan it first, and then fax the scanned image.


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Yes, I can fax from Microsoft Word (fax is in my printers options) but I cannot fax outbound directly from Window's Fax and Scan-it only wants to print to file...but it receives faxes...VERY STRANGE!

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