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Windows 8 Feedback Request: Preparing one last YouTube video for Windows 8 CP


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Jul 22, 2005
Hello ladies and gentleman,

I am preparing to do one last YouTube video for Windows 8 CP before the next release candidate becomes public in June. In order to make the video noteworthy, informative, and interesting, I need your feedback.

What would you like a potential Windows 8 CP video to be about?

Would you, yourself, be willing to participate in the video? If so, we would be able to discuss Windows 8 topics and literally look at them for a large audience. Certainly reply to this thread or PM me if you are interested.
(You would need to use Skype voice chat or allow me to call you on a phone. You would need to be able to use TeamViewer to see my Windows 8 installation).

What features or concepts would you like covered or discussed, if any?

Would you be interested in adding your comments to that feature or concept? You would of course get a shout out on the video.

I'd really like to involve other individuals who haven't been spotlighted on our videos before, who would be interested in taking around 15-30 minutes involving themselves in the live recording of one of them. Your username (or real name if requested) will be listed on the video description and in the credits.

If that is not possible for most of you, what would you want a Windows 8 video to truly entail?