Few issues after instal on my Vaio

So, I just got a Sony Vaio TT, and installed Windows 7 on it, but there a few issues that have come up.
The first issue is the dvd drive is not showing up and this is the error shown in device manager. Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19). I un-installed the drivers and then restarted the comp. Once it detected the dvd drivers the same error arose.
The second issue I notice is, for some unknown reason when I open the Devices and Printer nothing ever comes up. The bar at the top that shows it is loading does move, but just stops at the end with nothing still showing up. Even after an hour nothing loads. In MS Office I can see that my printer is installed, but its not the default, and would like that to work. The same thing occurs when I am in the bluetooth section of the printer/control panel. If I try to load that page(via bluetooth icon on the task bar or control panel) the same thing occurs. The bar shows its loading when it is not.
This is a minor issues, but the Sony memory card slot is not working. I installed the Vista drivers, but nothing at all. The odd part is the SD card slot is working after I installed its own Vista driver. I tired a few things, but no dice. At the moment I don't really use the slot, but I just want it working for that just in case scenario that may arise

This on Windows 7 build 7200 I got off the MS site, on a Vaio TT190. Any ideas? Thank you.

I just noticed the copy I have is 7260. My gf got the copy from her bro and he is out of town right now. Anyone?

please someone assist me?

I guess I will not get any help *tears*

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