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I've posted about issues I've had with my sound not starting, and my printer not printing and I've had a few other issues I haven't posted about.

Well I think I've found the cause of at least some of them.

I noticed that when I reboot the computer the start sound plays but when I boot the computer initially there is no start sound.

That made me think about what else doesn't work when I boot my computer that does when I reboot, (not using the fast start application, which is what happens if you reboot).

My boot times go from about 30 seconds to more like 2 minutes.

I hear the start sound when Windows loads, and "Woo Hoo, it loads my sound and starts the Print Spooler.
In fact when it booted it opened the printer windows showing me things in the print queue that hadn't printed.

I've tested and it recognises my printer and it works normally not stopping half way through the first sheet.

My sound loads and works without having to mess with it, and I've had some software that would crash when I opened a file in it, but if I opened it from the file in File Manager it would open Ok.

All these issues seem to be fixed if I don't use the quick boot option.

I think all theses issues are do to things not getting loaded correctly from quick boot for some reason.

So I'm going to try and turn it off and see if my problems stay solved.

I'll just have to go get coffee while my computer boots.

Now a Question?

Anyone know how you disable the fast boot option?

I think there's a way to do it in Windows 10 but I can't remember how.



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Will this do it for you??



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Hi Trouble

Yes I think option 2 is what I'm looking for.



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OK, good luck.
Nice discovery by the way.

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