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Hi I have an ASUS Rogg750js I was online gaming when my machine lit up like a full fire work display.
I hit the power off waited then I rebooted but the drives have lost their boot no drives are seen. The boot bcd file is lost. How can I reinstall it.
Any help will be greqtfully welcomed.

Big pete
You will need a Windows 10 USB, create one using the windows 10 media creation tool.
Download Windows 10

1. boot from the usb once its created.
2. it will prompt you to select language, country and keyboard, press next.
3. Select repair your computer at the bottom left.
4. click on troubleshoot -> advanced options -> command prompt
5. type Bootrec /fixmbr and press the enter key.
6. type Bootrec /fixboot and press the enter key.
7. type Bootrec /scanos and press the enter key.
8. type Bootrec /rebuildbcd and press the enter key.
9. type "A" to add the installation to the boot list and hit enter.
10. exit the command prompt and press continue (do not reboot just yet)

Hope it helps!
A Windows 8.1 bootable install disc or usb will have the same commands available. If the partitions are intact bootrec /rebuildbcd should be the only command you need to run although running the other suggested won't hurt anything.
hi I am pulling my hair out. I can't load windows because no drives are recognised.
I have tried bootrec rebuildbcd. it does not work I have tried win wdk no joy.
I have tried driver pack solutions. any ideas please anyone.
I would like to thank Luke13TH and Neembeer I did think it was bcd problem But something else must be the cause. thanks guys
Have you looked in the Bios?
Forget it. Just noticed this is a duplicate query.
Hi no the drives are perfect I tried both in my wifes laptop. I have however got the Os on now I used drive pack 16.18 solution .
It loaded sata driver seemed to have done the trick. Both drives plus cd rom can be seen. However I don't think it is a true fix.
I will have to get it to a techie. I do thank all who helped I did try the advice Thank you.
Just a foot note I hope I discribed my problem. I am a complete novice when sorting problems I say what it looks like instead of trying things out. Sorry.
A little advice try not to use those driver install utilities. They cause way more issues than they ever fix.
Hi thank you nmsuk I have noticed thank you. I have how ever reformatted my ssd drive and reinstall a clean version of windows.
Everything is fine now plus I have had good advice thanks everyone.
i hope at this time you got any solution, what was actually happen to your device, that was locked or deleted all data.
Do you mean that you lost all the data from your drive? if it happens then it is really sad for any gamer.
Greetings no the drives are wonderful I attempted both on my wife's PC. I have anyway got the Os on now I utilized drive pack 16.18 arrangement.
It stacked SATA driver here appeared to have gotten the job done. The two drives in addition to the compact disc room should be visible. Anyway, I don't think it is a genuine fix.
I should get it to a nerd. I in all actuality do thank all who assisted me with attempting the guidance Thank you.
A little advice try not to use those driver install utilities. They cause way more issues than they ever fix.
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